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Remote Deposit

Make Deposits Right in Your Office

Introducing Bank of Bartlett's Remote Deposit Service

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With Remote Deposit, Bank of Bartlett has a branch on your desk. 

Deposit checks anytime, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, right from your office.

Interested in cost savings?

With this new service you can centralize check processing in one place, which will save you money.

How does Remote Deposit work?

Simply scan your checks electronically using our secure processing system. "Captured" images are then uploaded to the bank's server, routed through our bank processing system, and credited to your account. This system does not require any special hardware purchase by you beyond a small tabletop scanner to capture images of deposited items. Simply use your existing office computer to make your deposits when you want. 

Employee Hourly Rate $15.00 $20.00
Monthly Cost for 45 Min. Round Trip
Daily Trips
$225.00 $300.00
Three Times a Week
$135.00 $180.00
  Plus Fuel Costs
Monthly Cost of 60 Min. Round Trip
Daily Trips
$300.00 $400.00
Three Times a Week
$180.00 $240.00
  Plus Fuel Costs

Bank of Bartlett's Remote Deposit improves your bottom line.

Quicker funds availability. 

The sooner your deposit is processed, the sooner you receive available funds.

Saves time and money.

No more trips to the bank to make deposits, and no more time consuming deposit tickets to fill out. Manage when you make your deposits, right from your office. Plus, think of the fuel or mileage expense you will save! Take a look at the chart on the left to see real costs of making in-person deposits at the bank. 


Reduced chance for lost of stolen items as they are in transit to the bank, because items are scanned right in your office.


Call a business banker or email businessbanker@bankofbartlett.com for more information!