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Other Services

Debit Cards

Debit MasterCard

Works like a check . . . only better! Now when you go shopping or out of town, you can leave your checkbook at home. All you need is your Bank of Bartlett MasterCard. It allows you to access funds from your checking account wherever you see the Mastcard symbol at more than 10 million stores, restaurants, and other locations around the world. Simply present your Bank of Bartlett Mastcard to the merchant, sign a receipt, and go!

Using your Bank of Bartlett Mastcard is much easier than writing checks and much safer than carrying cash. But if you need cash, your debit card also doubles as your ATM card. Sign up today and see how your debit card can make even your busy lifestyle less hectic.

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Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit boxes are offered at every location. Box sizes vary by location. Call your local branch and check for availability.

Find out how you can get a 3x5 safe deposit box FREE!

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Wire Instructions

The wire instructions are as follows:

  • Beneficiary Financial Institution: Bank of Bartlett ABA: #084003159
  • Beneficiary: Your account name (account must read exactly like the incoming wire reads to receive credit)
  • Beneficiary Account Number: Your account number (account number the money will be deposited into)

*The Bank of Bartlett address is: 6281 Stage Rd. Memphis, TN 38134

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