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Bank of Bartlett begins multi-phase renovation project

Interior and exterior improvements to Bank of Bartlett's corporate headquarters

Last updated November 1, 2022

Bank of Bartlett begins multi-phase renovation project


Neighbors along Stage Road will soon see big changes at the offices of one of Bartlett’s largest employers. Bank of Bartlett has begun a multi-phase interior and exterior renovation project to its main campus at 6281 Stage Road.

Bank of Bartlett president Harold Byrd outlined the plans in a video memo released to the bank’s 122 employees last month. To introduce the construction phases he states, “these investments in our future will prepare all of us to serve our customers even better.”

The renovations fit within Bank of Bartlett’s strategic plan to make substantial investments in the bank’s technology and digital offerings to its customers. Byrd sums it up, “we are remaking our home office to benefit our customers’ and employees’ experiences.”

Construction crews began Monday, October 31. Design work for the project was completed by Renaissance Group, and the general contractor is Chris Woods Construction.

Planned changes include enhancements to the bank’s exterior, cosmetic improvements throughout the interior, new flex office spaces for team members’ use, a new employee breakroom, and a technology forward executive boardroom.

Customers should expect no service interruptions during the renovation. Bank of Bartlett executive vice president of retail banking Garry Davis related this project to some of the challenges all businesses faced during the pandemic. “We had to adapt during the pandemic, and this helped us put into practice steps to fully serve customers’ needs even when normal operations had to adjust. We can handle almost any customer need through our full-service drive thru which will remain open throughout construction. We have temporarily relocated support teams to other offices to continue daily operations without service interruptions for our customers.”

Byrd concluded his message to his team with appreciation for their efforts. He says, “This is an exciting time, and it’s a big investment, but we are proud to do this for you, for our customers, for Bartlett, and for Memphis. So let’s get ready; we’re going to have a beautiful new place!”

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