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Debit Cards and Other Services

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Mastercard® Debit Card

Every new day is filled with great potential. A Mastercard debit card from Bank of Bartlett gives you all-the-time access to the money you need from your checking account to fund your adventures and your necessities.

Mastercard is widely accepted in the U.S. and across 200 countries globally, making our debit card a symbol of convenience for you. Plus, our debit card allows you to access cash from your checking account at more than 55K Allpoint ATM throughout the country for no service fee.

Convenient, fast, easy and free -- that’s how access to your hard-earned money should be.

For customers who want to control their debit card usage and safeguard their debit card from fraud, the BoB Mobile App has the solution.

Features include:
  • Turning your debit card on or off from your smartphone
  • Alerts on spending, including transaction amount, location and merchant type
  • The ability to set spending limits
  • An excellent solution for parents and employers who need to track spending frequently

Other Services

Click on one of the links below to learn about the other products and services we offer to help you on the road to managing your financial goals.

Reorder Checks

Reorder your checks click here.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes are offered at many locations. Box availability varies by location. Call your local branch and check for availability.

Wire Instructions

The wire instructions are as follows:

  • Beneficiary Financial Institution: Bank of Bartlett ABA: #084003159
  • Beneficiary: Your account name (account must read exactly like the incoming wire reads to receive credit)
  • Beneficiary Account Number: Your account number (account number the money will be deposited into)
*The Bank of Bartlett address is: 6281 Stage Rd. Memphis, TN 38134

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