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What an exciting choice to make.
From the first-time homebuyer to more seasoned buyers, we have a mortgage to fit your needs. Our professional loan officers will assist you in finding the mortgage that is right for you.


Conforming Loans

Available in fixed-rate or adjustable rate up to a $417,000 loan. Whether fixed or adjustable rate, we can meet your needs. The adjustable rate is amortized. Our adjustable mortgages are tied to the one year T bill or the one year LIBOR indexes.

Jumbo Loans

We offer fixed-rate or adjustable from $417,001. Terms available that will meet your lifestyle.

FHA Loans

Loan amounts up to $271,050 available in fixed or adjustable rate. Low down payments. Can be used in conjunction with THDA, Memphis Down Payment Assistance, Shelby County Down Payment Assistance, or Mississippi Bond. Streamline refinances with and without an appraisal are also available.

VA Loans

Mortgages for veterans with full entitlement. Purchases or refinance loans. Cash out refinances are an option. Loan amounts to $417,000 with down payment including the funding fee.

Ignite your life goals with Bank of Bartlett.