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Cash Management

Use the tools that make the most out of your revenue flow.
Are you looking for a better way to manage your company’s cash flow? Regardless of your size, industry, or geographic location, Bank of Bartlett offers a full range of cash-management services that will enhance the collection, concentration, and disbursement of your company’s funds.

Automated Clearing House (ACH)

Bank of Bartlett’s Automated Clearing House (ACH) allows electronic funds transfer between parties by replacing checks or wire transfers. ACH enables the company to collect, concentrate and disburse funds more efficiently. Companies use ACH to pay their employees, debit customers for services, or pay vendors and taxes. We offer ACH Credit/ Debit Origination through our products Precision and Goldleaf or FTP file transfer if your company can produce a NACHA file.

  • ACH Direct Deposit makes payroll processing more productive by paying employees directly into their accounts rather than issuing checks.
  • Direct Deposit reduces company time spent by employees depositing checks.
  • ACH Direct Debit improves collection of receivables by automatically debiting customer accounts for amounts owed to you. Examples: insurance companies, utilities, etc.
  • This service ensures the timely receipt of payments, so you can improve your ability to forecast cash flow.
  • ACH concentration moves funds from a smaller depository account at another financial institution to a concentration account at the Bank of Bartlett.  

Investment / Loan Sweep

Bank of Bartlett’s automated investment sweep service eliminates the need for idle funds in a company’s account at the end of the day with its fully automated sweep program. Whether excess funds are invested or used to reduce debt, this service creates a link between the customer’s checking account and an overnight investment vehicle or a line of credit.

  • Earn interest on excess balances
  • Automatic investment of funds
  • Accurate/Timely fund movement
  • Reduces idle balances
  • Reduce debt
  • Not FDIC Insured
Positive Pay
Positive Pay is a tool used to prevent fraud. It is a validation system where customers upload checks issued and Positive Pay validates against the checks that are clearing the account. 


Lock Box Services

Bank of Bartlett’s Lock Box service is designed to more efficiently handle the deposit of your accounts receivable payments, thus improving your funds availability and reducing your processing time and cost by eliminating the manual task of deposit preparation.

  • Directs payment of accounts receivable to a post office box set up by Bank of Bartlett.
  • Checks are collected into your business account. Related documents are also prepared.
  • Allows your business to quickly convert sales into cash, enhances the security of your accounts receivable management, and can save your employees time, allows your employees to be more productive.

Merchant Credit Card Services

Bank of Bartlett’s merchant credit card service is designed for business customers desiring to establish a merchant credit card program.

  • Accept and process credit card transactions for customer purchases.
  • Customers who can use credit cards generally buy more than those who are limited to cash payments.
  • Deposits for transactions are made by automatic deposit into your business account with the Bank of Bartlett.
  • Processing equipment may be purchased or leased.

Business Debit MasterCard®

Bank of Bartlett's Business Debit MasterCard® is a powerful business tool that gives you access to your business checking account without carrying around the company checkbook. With a Business Debit MasterCard® you can make purchases anywhere MasterCards are accepted. You can use it like a credit card, but it works like a check because the money you spend is deducted directly from your business checking account. You can also use your Business Debit MasterCard® at ATMs to access the cash in your business account.

  • Worldwide acceptance (everywhere Business Debit MasterCard® is accepted)
  • Faster than writing checks and more convenient than cash
  • No checkbook to carry around
  • Can be used for Internet purchases
  • Can be used to pay bills at a merchant's web site

Wire Transfer - Domestic / International

The Bank of Bartlett’s wire transfer system is the most convenient way to move funds instantly to any bank, globally or domestically. With same-day availability, you can control the timing of disbursements and quickly take advantage of investment opportunities. By enrolling in the Bank of Bartlett’s cash management product you may initiate domestic wire transfers from a terminal in your office, saving you time and money.

  • If your company is multinational or involved in foreign trade, the Bank of Bartlett can improve your cash management with the capability to initiate international wire transfers.
  • Wire transfers can be initiated by visiting any of our branches.
  • Web based requests are sent through a secured bank mail to the Bank of Bartlett.

Remote Deposit

Remote Deposit allows a business to capture items at their location anywhere in the world and deposit them electronically into their bank account. Geography is no longer a factor since the physical items no longer need to be transported to the bank. The system converts paper transactions into image based transactions and then transmits them to Bank of Bartlett via a secure internet connection.

  • Simplifies banking relationships.
  • Consolidates multiple account relationships into one.
  • Saves time – no more trips to the bank to make a deposit.
  • Reduces errors; Improves management control.
  • Saves money – improved cash flow, improved funds availability, reduced fees, and fewer returned items.

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